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                                                "HOW TO" …





Report a power outage: Call Potomac Edison at 1-888-LIGHTS; at the prompt say "complete loss of power."


Report a street light outage: Obtain the address and, if possible, the pole number (on a circular plate about 6-8 feet off the ground; it's of the form F67nnn or F70nnn) of the failed light. Call Potomac Edison at 1-888-LIGHTS; at the prompt say "street light problem." Provide the agent with the address and, if you have it, the pole number of the light.


Report a gas leak: Call Washington Gas at 703-750-1400 or 1-800-752-7520.


Report a water main break: Call the WSSC at 301-206-4002 or 1-800-858-6439.






Determine the recycling holiday schedule: If the normal collection day falls on or after New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, the collection will be made one day later that week. Otherwise the normal schedule prevails. See also:


Order a blue recycling bin: Call 311 or visit:



Dispose of large appliances, grills, bicycles, lawn mowers and other large metal items: Request a scrap metal pickup, which will occur on the normal recycling day, by calling 311 or completing the online form at:


Recycle or dispose of other items: Visit:






Report street or storm drain maintenance issues: Call 311

Request trimming or removal of trees within the County right-of-way (within about 20 feet of the pavement): Call 311.


Obtain information regarding permits and home improvement or zoning regulations: Call 311 or visit: and


File a zoning violation or work without a permit complaint: For information, visit Then call 311 or complete the form at


Report an abandoned (i.e., unregistered) vehicle: If on private property, call 311 or complete the form at If on the street, call 311 or the Abandoned Vehicle Section at 240-773-6411.


Obtain information regarding or to file a Housing Code violation complaint (including high grass): Call 311 or visit


File a cable service complaint: Visit


Additional How To's: Visit